Sandy Squillante was raised in New York by Italian immigrants. Her mother is the best cook she has known and her drive and passion for cooking comes from these family roots. A classically trained musician, Sandy says, “Like music, cooking is a form of expression, an art form." She says, "Anybody can pick up a cookbook, but it’s the people that go beyond the boundaries who find the art in cooking. That’s what I want to show people how to do.”



Opening her first restaurant in her late twenties, Sandy learned by being in kitchens, observing chefs from France, Germany and Italy and simply by trying all different flavors while being daring. Sandy’s first TV series America Cooks with Sandy came about after Sandy enchanted a local network executive with her jazz band, her personal touch with customers, and her zany sense of humor.  Sandy's warm and comfortable way welcomes viewers to try her recipes and then go and make them their own!